clinical approach to improving penile length gain.
Why Ares-XL?
Bring Back Your CONFIDENCE
Improve penis appearance and sexual function
The Ares-XL Procedure
FIX Your Erections. PRESERVE Your Size.
Loss of penile length is the #1 cause of patient dissatisfaction after penile implant surgery.
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Appear like a TITAN. Perform like a GOD.

TheIDEALPenile Implant

Advanced Restorative Erectile Surgery for eXtra Length and Girth (ARES-XL) is a surgical adjunct for men with erectile dysfunction, designed in the image of Ares, the greek god of war.

ARES-XL surgeons are trained to maximally restore your length and girth at the time of penile implant surgery. The IDEAL penile implant is for patients who wish to restore their sexual performance with a high quality penile implant without risking the loss of penile length that is commonly associated with this surgery.


Why Ares?

Ares is the Greek God of War; he is always armed, and embodies the physical valor necessary for any situation. 

Penile Prosthesis surgery performed by an ARES-XL surgeon will leave you ever prepared.

How it Works

ARES-XL will allow you to maximally enhance your penile length and girth and give you the functionality to be ever-ready; hence our tagline “Appear Like a Titan, Perform Like a God.”

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation with the surgeon of your choosing to determine if ARES-XL is right for you.

In-Person Pre-Operative Visit

Your in-person pre-operative visit can be conveniently scheduled the same week as your surgery.

The Ideal Penile Implant Surgery

Arrive for your scheduled surgery. Concierge services may be available that include hotel stay, pick up and drop off, as well as 24 hour nursing.

Post-Operative Care

Drain removal is typically within 72 hours of your surgery.

4-6 weeks after your surgery, you will be taught how to use your implant.

Don't take our word for it.

Patient Testimonials

Read from others about the difference that the Ares-XL procedure has made for them.

"Men have a well-established psychological idea, since their young ages, that a large penis size is the only guarantee for better sexual and reproductive capabilities."

Dr. Robert Valenzuela

Director of Penile Prosthesis Surgery in the Department of Urology and Assistant Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Robert Valenzuela, MD